How nice to see you here. I’ll tell you a little bit about myself here. My name is Kimberley, even though I use Rae as my name in games. It’s nice and short compared to my real name.
I live with my husband and 4 kids in Wassenaar, the Netherlands. I was born and raised in The Hague (where the International Court of Justice is!) and we moved to Wassenaar, which is a 10 minute car ride from The Hague, in 2018.

Early 2023 I fell ill, so I’ve spent 2023 getting better (still a work in progress) and making some life changing decisions to make sure I love life. An hormonal imbalance, busy life and putting myself last made me physically ill and it made me rethink my priorities.


with love, Kimberley

Blog Life


The first blog I ever started was a blog on Geocities.com, so yes, I’m an oldie. I’ve had many blogs and I think back on them fondly. I have always been a personal blogger, just me yapping on about my life. When I became a mom, I found it difficult to keep blogging, because I didn’t want to be branded a mommy blogger. There’s of course nothing wrong with mommy bloggers, I just don’t feel like I am one. I like sharing personal things, but I also like sharing digital art, games, gadgets and webdesign. Guess I’m just an everything blogger! If you want to know more about Honeymint Studio, follow where the button below this leads you.